Marking and attribution of grades

IX Academics maintains a policy of anonymous marking on all assignments: the identity of a student will remain concealed from (s)he who marks an assignment.

Students will receive written feedback and grades on their coursework assignments within four working weeks.

Excessive word count and late work

All written assignments will carry a target word count. Students may exceed this word count by 10% without penalty (e.g. a 5,000 word assignment is allowed 5,500 words maximum), but thereafter will be penalised 5 marks for every 10% exceeding the target word count.

In the case of late work, students will be penalised 10 marks for submission of coursework up to 24 hours after the stated deadline, and 10 marks for each day (or part thereof) after this, including weekends, unless the student has obtained a written extension from the module leader.