IX7529 Review of PRINCE2® practices: case-based learning format

(online kickoff, online reviews and tutorship, final assessment).

This course is taken at distance.

Students are tutored by:

  • Visio conferencing,
  • E-mail,
  • Telephone.

This course is a combination of:

  • case critical analysis,
  • global reflective analysis.

This course is an opportunity for students to review real cases and real situations from their own experience.


Specify and develop the critical skills to apply PRINCE2® principles, themes and processes.


Specify and develop the critical skills to review PRINCE2® project management practices.


Specify and develop the critical skills to tailor PRINCE2® methodology.


Analyse an organisation’s approach to Project Management based upon PRINCE2® and its appropriateness and relevance.


Analyse and evaluate various approaches for each stage of selected projects.


Analyse and evaluate choices for “embedding” PRINCE2® into a project performing organisation.

Total Learning time 200 hours:

  • 12 tutored hours distant tutoring,
  • 188 hours independent and team study.

This course requires the student to reflect upon his or her project management experience from a PRINCE2® viewpoint. This module requires the student to reflect on his or her career. Some students will have worked on projects employing the PRINCE2® methodology and others not. Therefore, three possible scenarios could be drawn from to describe Personal Learning Outcomes:

  • PRINCE2® was successfully used on projects with which the student is familiar.
  • PRINCE2® was unsuccessfully used on projects with which the student is familiar.

In the projects that the student is familiar, PRINCE2® was not used. However, knowing what the student now knows about PRINCE2®, he or she describes how using PRINCE2® could have improved the management of the projects and/or how the method employed on the projects was more suitable or superior to PRINCE2®.

Learning outcomes IX7529-LO1 to IX7529-LO3 are assessed through the spreadsheet of Personal Learning Outcomes (containing twenty separate situation statements and related Personal Learning Outcomes) and a capstone essay.

  • The essay should be a maximum of 2,500 words, excluding footnotes and appendices.
  • The essay should contain references to textbooks, journals and online material, where appropriate, using APA referencing.
  • Where available, examples of the student’s project management documents should be supplied in an appendix.

Methods of reassessment: the student will be reassessed only on the component or the components, which they have failed within the course. A task that is equivalent to the original will be set. This will be designed to meet the required learning outcome.